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Rat Maze

Rat Maze is a new fun internet arcade game you can play at for free. This game was meant to challenge the brain with fun mazes and an interesting twist. Anyone can play and this game is appropriate for all ages. You are a chubby little rat on a mission to find the wonderful and tasty cheeses from around the world.

Take control of your rat with the arrow keys and manuever him through all of the different challenging mazes to find the cheese before time runs out! Just cannot find that yummy peice of Colby? Hit the space bar to get a full view of the map if you need a hint! Beating a level rewards the player with a short history of the discovered cheese, including the nation of origin and a time ranking you can post on their leader boards.

If you want to kill some time and have some fun, all while stimulating your brain,  check out Rat Maze today!


Rat Maze

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